Amanda Azzopardi Aesthetics

Non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

Providing a full range of medical, aesthetic and non-surgical treatments, in the comfort of your own home or a clinic in Liverpool.

About Amanda

Advanced Nurse Practitioner in acute and aesthetic medicine.

In practice since 2003, pursuing more advanced injectable treatments and a medical-grade skincare line. When people wear the best external version of themselves, they achieve goals in all areas of their lives. My objective is to assist my clients to feel comfortable in their ‘own skin’, by enhancing their self-image and allowing their confidence to shine through.

A love of dynamic, ageing, facial features, demands participation in ongoing education. To assist my patients to reverse this relentless process, to maintain their youthful features and assist them to age well.

My Treatment List

Non-surgical aesthetic treatments.


AlumierMD skin care

Experts in skincare science-based products.


Cheek fillers

Replace volume loss in sunken, aged cheekbones, to sculpt, lift and contour your face.


Signature liquid facelift

Dermal fillers are a cosmetic treatment to restore the appearance of fine lines.


Hand rejuvenation

Hand rejuvenation to address volume loss and bone degradation.


Jaw line re-shaping and contouring

Re-define your jawline, lost though age, bone degradation.


Lip fillers

Lip augmentation can transform thin, uneven lips into vibrant, lustrous lips.


Marionette lines

Vertical lines can be replenished and filled to encourage improved skin texture and flexibility.


Nasolabial folds

Soften lines, wrinkles and heavy folds, from the nose to the corners of the mouth.


Non-Surgical rhinoplasty

Reshape, resize or contour the shape of your nose to correct asymmetry, bumps or a crooked appearance.


Tear trough fillers

Tear trough fillers address under-eye lines, creases bags and hollows, to smooth, enhance and replenish the fine tissues.


Temporal hollowing treatment

Replacement of volume in the temporal region can quickly and safely fill out the hollows, restoring a youthful look.


Wrinkle relaxing treatments

Wrinkles can appear as fine lines or deep creases, occurring on parts of the body most exposed to the sun,

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What My Clients Say

“Amanda is amazing. Her professionalism and guidance helped to guide me to decide perfect treatments for me, as I was unsure of how or where to start. Fantastic results and will certainly be contacting her very soon for Aqualyx and Btx…”

Debbie Ann

“First time I’ve met Amanda and made me feel at ease straight away. Answered all my questions, explained in detail what procedures I was having done. Above all her skill and professionalism is fantastic, a detailed consultation. I will continue to use Amanda for future treatments the results are amazing, improved my confidence already xxx”


"Been to see Amanda at serene for treatments twice now, and would never go anywhere else again, made me feel very at ease and sure of what I wanted, results are exactly what I hoped for I’m very happy and highly recommend x"


"Amanda’s professionalism and product knowledge are excellent. My first session with her was in November in my own home. The treatments offered were excellent and the products do exactly as promised. My skin has never looked or felt better. What do I recommend about Amanda? Everything."