• Meet the team

  • Our founders, Gary Monaghan and Kevin Clarke have been in the Aesthetic industry for over 35 years between them. They have seen the industry from many different angles, from breast implants to clinics, from surgeons to patients. They have very clear ideas about what the industry needs. They believe the lack of regulation in the industry is an issue.

    They believe the choice of surgeon, implant and facility is paramount. At Aspire, we do not believe a patient should see anyone but their surgeon at consultation. We do not believe you should feel rushed into making a decision. We do not feel your treatment should in any way be anything other than individual and respectful. 


  • Gary Monaghan

    Gary Monaghan has been involved with cosmetic surgery since 1998. His background is with breast implants and UK plastic surgeons. As the founder and owner of a Indemnity Insurance company, Gary saw the great differences between the records of surgeons in the UK. As with any profession, there are good and there are bad surgeons. The surgeons we use have been known to Gary for over 15 years. He knows them personally and he knows the standard of their work. This is why they were chosen. 

    Gary believes too many companies put profit before care. This is not acceptable. "The reason this industry is well publicised in the press is because things do go wrong." says Gary, "It's hardly ever that a programme follows a successful procedure as it simply is not news! However, the lack of regulation and the disparity between standards means that botched surgery will occur. We use surgeons we know and trust, on every level." 

  • Kevin Clarke

    Kevin Clarke has also been in the cosmetic industry since 1998. Kevin's long career has seen him travel extensively at home and abroad and has given him invaluable insights into standards across the world. Standards in the UK are very high. However, in any industry there are variances. Kevin believes the choice of surgeon is essential. 

    Kevin has also developed close relationships with many providers in the UK. This has given him the ability to see what they do well, and what they don't! "I found myself working with many people in the industry and I found myself thinking I could improve on what they were doing. This is why we started Aspire"