• Arm/thigh lift

  • Brachioplasty (Bingo wings)

    The procedure

    Brachioplasty is an operation to remove redundant skin and fat from the upper arms (sometimes referred to as “bingo or bat wings”) and tighten the remaining skin.


  • What does it involve?

    Brachioplasty may be performed as an isolated procedure or can be performed in conjunction with other body contouring procedures such as breast reduction. It is performed under general anaesthetic and uses the combined surgical techniques of liposuction and skin excision. It leaves a scar that runs on the inside of the arm just above the elbow into the armpit and sometimes further down onto the side of the chest. 

    What are the benefits?

    Brachioplasty addresses the loose excess skin that may develop in association with age or weight loss. The surgery improves the contour and shape of the upper arm. After the surgery, many people feel able to wear clothes and swimwear they had previously felt uncomfortable wearing.

    Thigh lift

    The procedure

    Thigh lifts are operations to remove redundant skin and fat from the thighs and tighten the remaining skin.

    What does it involve?

    Thigh lifts are usually performed leaving a scar along the length of the inside of the thigh. Limited incision thigh lifts, leaving scars along the groin creases, may also be performed in certain circumstances. Both procedures are performed under general anaesthetic and often involve the use of additional liposuction.

    What are the benefits?

    Thigh lifts address the loose skin than may develop with weight loss or ageing. The surgery improves the shape of the thigh, not only on the inside, but also has an effect on the whole thigh. Following thigh lift surgery, patients feel more comfortable and confident in wearing more revealing clothing, such as shorts and shorter skirts, that they would not have felt happy about wearing before the procedure.