• Gynaecomastia (man boobs)

  • According to the latest figures from industry body BAAPS, in 2010 the male breast reduction was the second most popular procedure for men, with procedures up a massive 28% vs the previous year. The appearance of “man boobs”, known as “gynaecomastia”, refers to the chest area of men. It can be very damaging psychologically for men with the condition.  

    Reasons for the condition can be as follows..

    • Genetics – a hereditary condition
    • Illness or drugs
    • Weight gain or weight loss

    The procedure has been widely publicised on TV and in the press. This has led to more men being aware of the condition, and the ways to correct it

    What is involved

    Cosmetic surgery to correct over-large male breasts involves liposculpture to remove excess fat and (as required) removal of excess skin to create a smooth, sleek and manly profile.

    Most patients are required to stay in hospital for one night before returning home. After surgery you will be required to wear post-operative garments, which will aid the final result. There will be some scarring as with any invasive procedure but these can improve with age.


    Significant changes can be made to the appearance of the areas affected. Men often feel much more confident and masculine after a successful procedure of this type. It can also lead to a desire to change lifestyle habits such as diet and exercise.