• Neck lift

  • The procedure

    An open neck lift, or platysmaplasty is a technique to improve the contour and shape of your neck. It is usually done in combination with a face lift, but is occasionally done as an isolate procedure. It is particularly effective at addressing the platysma bands – the “turkey neck” vertical bands that develop with age.


  • What does it involve? 

    The procedure is done under a general anaesthetic (with you asleep). An incision of 4-5 cm is made just under the chin to access the neck – this heals very well leaving an inconspicuous scar. Usually any fat in the neck will be removed by liposuction and direct excision techniques and the platysma bands are then stitched together in a particular way to eliminate them and provide the neck with a youthful contour.

    What are the benefits?

    A platysmaplasty can significantly improve platysma bands and the contour of the neck. It is especially effective as it targets the underlying supporting muscle of the neck (the platysma), which is part of the important SMAS system that provides the underlying support mechanism of the face and neck.