• Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

  • The procedure 

    A horizontally-orientated oval shape of skin and fat is removed from the lower part of your abdomen leaving you with a scar that goes from hip-to-hip at the pubic hair line, and a scar around your belly-button. At the same time, the muscles on the inside are tightened to correct any abdominal weakness or bulge you may have.


  • What does it involve?

    The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic (with you asleep). To achieve the best result possible, additional liposuction to your flanks and other parts of the abdomen is often recommended. You will be in hospital for 1-2 days after surgery.


    What are the benefits?

    An abdominoplasty will remove the excess loose skin and fat of your abdomen. You will, however, put weight back on to your abdomen after the surgery if you do not eat a balanced and healthy diet (i.e. it is not a method of weight-loss!).